NEW! You can now buy a "seat" at one of my Interactive Remote Demonstrations. You don't have to wait to see me at your club's monthly meeting or travel to Maui for classes! Next class is Saturday, October 17th at 12.30 PM Hawaii time. Win the demo piece!! I will raffle out the Milo Calabash! One lucky winner!

Once you buy your ticket, you will receive an email from me with the information needed to log in to the Zoom meeting. Limited to 100 attendees per session. Zoom meeting room opens at 12.30 pm. The demo will start at 12.45 pm Hawaii time. The demo consists of 3 parts: 1 I start with a brief history of the Hawaiian calabash using a narrated photo slide. 2 I will show you how I turn a low sided round bottom side grain calabash. 3 we will finish with me showing you how to apply "pewa" or butterfly patches on a crack of a bowl. And for this demo I have invited Kirk Kapp, he will show us how to finish a piece with Parfix 3408. A medical grade, slow curing CA glue. Fast, easy and great looking results !
I will also be raffling the demo piece! One lucky winner will receive the Milo Calabash, free shipping.
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Part 1: A brief history of the Hawaiian Calabash
Hawaiian Calabash
Part 3: how to apply "pewa" or butterflies patches to cracks on a bowl.
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Part 2: How to turn a round bottom low sided "Palewa" Hawaiian Calabash

Next Interactive remote demonstration is Sunday, September 20th at 12.30 pm Hawaii time! Purchase your seat below. I will email you with a link to the Zoom meeting with a password. You will need to get back to me and provide your full name so I can admit you once I see you in the "Zoom waiting room"
I will raffle the demo piece! A milo Calabash!!


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