Call me or email to discuss the perfect demo for your club.

I'm available for club demos. I can travel and or I can do a "Live Remote & Interactive" demo, as shown in the AAW Journal article that I co-wrote with Lyle jamieson & Alan Zenreich. Below is a description and some pictures of my demos.

My first demo is: A simple bowl on the lathe, done with just one tool. It is intended for all skill levels. When I do it in Hawaii, I show how to cut end grain Acacia Koa cleanly, a challenge for beginner turners.

My second demo is: " A box with hand chased threads".
I use the very old English traditional way of doing threads, with hand chasers. Basic turning knowledge is needed for hands on, but the demo is for all skill levels.

My third demo: "How to repair a bowl the Hawaiian way"
Pewas. I demonstrate how to apply Pewas or butterfly patches on cracks. I also cover other ways the Hawaiian used to repair cracks. And several different way that I use, included the "Jerry Kermode" repair…

My fourth demo: "All about the Hawaiian Calabash".
I wrote an article for Woodturning Magazine, issue #308 about this subject. You will learn about the history of the calabash, different types, types of wood used and much more. I will then turn a palewa, a round bottom short calabash.

My fifth demo: "mastering the bowl gouge" I
will show you all the basic cuts, roughing and finishing cuts. My favorite bowl gouge is a 5/8 deep V Doug Thompson bowl gouge. This gouge gives you the closest profile to a David Ellsworth gouge that I have seen.

My sixth demo: "woodturning for complete beginners".
We start all of our beginners with a Mike Hunter Viceroy tool. This tool is surpassingly easy to use and leaves a very nice finish. Learn how to cut the wood not scrape it. Even you have never turn before I will show you how you will go home with a finished woodturning project, yes, it's that's easy!!

Contact me for pricing and availability. With remote demos, I can help you with your club's set up.
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Hand chased threads demo for the Big Island woodturners
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Ever wonder how to apply a pewa?